Your Partner In FUN

Since 1992, the St. Paul Saints have been offering affordable family fun to residents and visitors of the Twin Cities. The Saints use baseball as the backdrop to create lasting memories for every fan that walks through the gates of CHS Field.


In 2015, the Saints opened CHS Field. That year, CHS Field was recognized by Ballpark Digest as the Ballpark of the Year, beating multiple minor league and major league ballparks. With an open, airy design, 360 degree concourse, and views of the St. Paul's skyline, CHS Field is one of the most unique and beautiful ballparks in the country.


This presentation offers an overview of partnership opportunities with the Saints. Our experienced team will work with yours to create a partnership that addresses your needs and achieves your ultimate marketing goals.



CHS Field Signage

CHS Field signage is a great way to showcase your brand and messaging year-round to more than 525,000 guests at over 250 events.


Most guests visit CHS Field 1-3 times per year, providing extensive exposure to unique fans at each event


CHS Field Signage Opportunities include:

  • Outfield Wall Signage
  • Concession Stand Signage
  • Concourse TV Signage
  • Bathroom Signage

The Saints team is also happy to brainstorm creative and unique signage opportunities to help your brand standout. Current examples: Minnesota Corn Foul Poles, Sprint Light Pole Charging Stations, Delta Airlines Wheelchair Accessibility Areas, & other branded spaces.


The Saints are known for their fun and unique on-field promotions that happen throughout each game. Promotional partners brand and messaging take center stage during each half inning break and engage the entire crowd through on-field games/races, video board recognition and PA announcements. 


On-field promotions are available in full-season, half-season and quarter-season packages. 

Game Sponsorship

Game sponsorship is an opportunity for your brand to make a big splash. With an average of 8,300 fans per game, your brand and messaging will appear throughout the ballpark and extend outside the CHS Field walls. Deliverables include: activation space inside CHS Field, video board recognition throughout the game, PA announcements throughout the game, inclusion in all marketing materials (print, radio, TV, online) for your ballgame, inclusion in the Saints Pocket Schedule, first pitch opportunity, opportunity to be apart of our radio broadcast. Giveaway opportunities are also available with the game sponsorship.

Print, Media, Digital

Print, media, and digital opportunities are available to partners in a variety of forms. All of these opportunities achieve different wants and needs, while reaching a large demographic base.


Print, media, and digital opportunities include:

  • Program Sponsor
  • Pocket Schedule Sponsor
  • Ticket Back Sponsor
  • Radio Broadcast Sponsor
  • Website Sponsor
  • Social Media Sponsor
  • Saints App Sponsor


The Saints offer a variety of hospitality options to fit your wants and needs. Whether that is season tickets to entertain clients or a large company outing for employees and families, the Saints have options for all of your entertaining goals.


Group Areas include:

  • Treasure Island Terrace
  • Star Tribune Skybox
  • Craft Beer Corner
  • The Gallery
  • Riverview Suite
  • Minnesoyta Lawn
  • Securian Club
  • Nightly Suite